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A Complete List of Pool Cleaning Services We Offer

Pool Service & Pool Maintenance

Weekly pool cleaning services in Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Ontario and surrounding areas.
Green pool cleaning, pool acid washing and debris removal is just the start.

Pool Parts Replacement

Honest assessments of pool equipment and pool parts. If we can fix your broken pool parts we will. If it makes more sense to replace broken pool parts, thats what we will recommend.

Pool Leak Detection

Underground leak detection, telescopic leak detection, slab repair, pool plastering, pool floor repair, pool resurfacing and pool plumbing repair in San Bernardino County.

Pool Automation Service

Program your pool to start heating up from your mobile device, or control lighting panels with the touch of a button. If you don't have this feature, step into the new world and let us install pool automation.

Pool Filter Cleaning

When a pool filter is not properly cleaned, it causes other pool parts to work harder. The pool motor, pool pump are strained, pool baskets fill up quicker and unneeded costs pile up.

Pool Algae Removal

Green pools are gross and in some cases contain microbes that can be harmful to any living being that jumps in your pool. We balance pH levels, and kill algae in pools near you.

Commercial Pool Cleaning

We offer pool opening, pool closing services for hotels, resorts, schools, and universities, gyms and more.

One Time Cleaning

There are some pool owners who have plenty of experience taking care of their own pools. However, a one time cleaning from a professional is always a good idea a couple times a year.

Pool Tile Cleaning

Added attention to detail scrubbing pool tiles, removing grime, dirt and chemical residue. We even replace missing pool tiles and resurface pools.

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