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San Bernardino County Pool Equipment Repair

One of the most commonly asked questions that we get from our customers is whether or not they should spend the money to fix their broken pool equipment, or if it makes more sense to completely replace pool equipment with something new.

We offer free estimates on pool equipment repair in Rancho Cucamonga, so we start by saving our customers money.

We know that people want to save money on pool equipment repair, but as shoppers we all know that cheaper doesn’t mean better.

The best way to figure out if you should hire a professional pool service to repair or replace broken pool equipment is to call us and  have us come out for an estimate. 

Like anyone who makes an investment into something, we all want to get the most out what we poured into. When it comes to getting the most out of your swimming pool, it is in your best interest to look into new or refurbished pool equipment.

No matter what you select, we can repiar, replace and install all brands of pool equipment.

If you don’t own a pool in Rancho Cucamonga, and you need pool equipment repair in another city in San Bernardino County, we can still help you. Give us a call at 909-323-0886 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

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Broken Pool Equipment

When it comes to fixing broken pool equipment, we are experts. We hate to hear that your pool pump isn’t working, or that your pool heater isn’t heating up. This isn’t a good way for us to meet. But you will happy to meet us when we inspect your pool equipment and offer a reasonable solution to get you back up and running. 

In some cases, we may have the exact part that you need to repair your pool equipment, but there are some situations that require us to order pool parts from a wholesaler. We have relationships with every major pool equipment company and know how to repair every brand in the industry. So calling us is the best thing you could do, since we have the most experience fixing broken pool equipment.

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We Fix Pool Equipment

Pool Pumps

A pool pump is like the heart of a pool system. Make sure that yours is working at its best.

Pool Heaters

You want you pool to be the perfect temperature, so why settle for less?

Pool Motors

Have us repair or replace your pool motor as soon as possible. 

Pool Automation

We work on pool automatic systems that you can control from your mobile device.

Pool Lighting

We fix, replace and install pool lighting and work on electrical points in the pool system.

Salt Water Systems

Working on and treating salt water systems is like second nature to us.